November 2022 Grand County Market Update

Grand County continues to be an outlier amongst the different mountain communities I work in. In October the average price of a single family home was $1,259,918, compared to $797,151 in October 2021 – a 58.1% increase! Some of that can be attributed to 5 of the 39 sales being expensive new construction, which is booming in Grand County – please reach out personally if that’s something you want more information on.

The number of sold single family homes was 39, or a -35% decrease YoY, and inventory was up almost 22%, with 106 single family homes available.

The picture is similar for attached units in October, with an even larger increase in average price of 65.3% YoY. The total number of units sold was 48, up from 34 in 2021, and 37 of those units were new construction! Many of those projects still have availability and some have the builders paying for an interest rate buy down! For more information on some of the condo and townhome projects – please click here. Another thing to note is that unlike almost anywhere else around us, at 62 available units, inventory went down in October, both YoY (from 73) and MoM (from 89).

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