January 2023 Grand County Market Update

Single family homes in Grand County continued to appreciate in price YOY and at +9.6% it’s at a very similar rate to Summit County, while remaining at a better entry level price. Like most areas, inventory is up a lot from a year ago (+42.9%), but it’s from such a low starting point that it’s still not a balanced market. During the same time, the number of closed SFH in Grand County went from 46 to 32 in December 2022.

Condos and townhomes in Grand County continue to appreciate in price, +37.9% in December from a year earlier, and unlike most markets, the number of closed sales also appreciated by +41.2%, and inventory was almost flat, increasing by 2 units up to 60. This is partially fueled by continued new construction in Winter Park, Fraser, Granby Ranch and more.

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