October 2022 Vail Valley Market Update

The Vail Valley has been showing an increase in single family family homes and duplexes in the past few months while neighboring Summit County has been decreasing. The trend has now changed for the Vail Valley and we saw a -32.3% price change between September 2022 and September 2022, with the average price at $2,018,599, compared to $2,374,660 just a month prior.

Meanwhile, the number of sales dropped by just over 10% YOY to 60 sales (3 more than in August) and inventory of homes increased by 13.7% to 183.

Townhomes and condos in the Vail Valley, went from a 3.0% increase in average price YOY in August to a 43.3% increase in YOY price for September, coming in at just under $1,800,000 for September 2022. Closed sales continued to drop, -41.8% from September 2021 to September 2022 or from 98 to 57 and inventory increased by 9.2% to 131.

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