7 Ways to Make Your Home More Presentable in 30 Min or Less

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home, have it on the market already, or are expecting last minute guests; here are 7 ways to make an impact in 30 min or less!

1. Make each bed in the house nicely. Use your best matching sets of bedding for each room and do use throw pillows.



2. Speaking of throw pillows and blankets. These can make a huge difference in the way your family room or living room looks. Make sure they match, are the right size (throw pillows that are too small for the size of the sofa look awkward), and typically I’d go for a neutral look and focus on different textures, OR add them in as a pop of color that connect to something else in that room like a piece of art.



3. Hang a mirror in a strategic place. For example – if you have a narrow space with windows on one side, hang a mirror on the wall across from it and the room will seem larger.



4. Hide your kitchen clutter! Take as much as you can from your kitchen counters and put it in cabinets and drawers. The difference is amazing.



5. Declutter or completely remove family photos and mementos. It might make the home yours, but it can be distracting for potential buyers.



6. Hang fresh fluffy towels in the bathroom, have a nice hand soap on the counter, and I always throw in a faux orchid and nice diffuser if there’s room. If you have a shower curtain, make sure it’s clean, and then close it, or if you have shower glass, make sure it’s clean – it sets the tone for the whole bathroom.



7. Bring in fresh flowers. Get 2-3 bouquets from the grocery store, then mix and match in a few vases of different sizes and place it around the home. One as a centerpiece, and a few smaller ones in places like the nightstands, coffee table and more.





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