April 2022 Summit County Market Update

The average sold price for single family homes is down just slightly from February, but a much larger increase year over year at 30.3%. Number of sold homes went from 26 in Feb to 33 in March, which is a decrease from 49 in March 2021. Inventory was very similar between February and March, with an increase of 1 more available listing in March and both months down 10 homes since the same time in 2021.

Like with single family homes, prices of condos and townhomes went down just slightly from February to March, but compared to February, March rose less year over year, or 26% vs 36%. Much fewer attached sales closed in March, or 83 units, a 33% decrease from last year. Percentage wise this is similar to the February statistics but it shows that March is overall a much slower month for this category in terms of volume, even though prices hold.

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