Tin Plate Pizza

I’m always on the hunt for great pizza and had been wanting to try Tin Plate pizza for a while, and finally had the chance to this week. It did not disappoint!!

Located in a 138 year old mining cabin on 110 S Ridge St in Breckenridge, Tin Plate has plenty of charm and ambiance. We started out getting cocktails at the bar while waiting for a table (Tin Plate does not accept reservations), trying both the Kentucky Mule and Jalapeno Margarita, both of which were excellent. Upon getting seated we started with the house made bread, stracciatella cheese, cured meat and butter with maldon salt. The bread and stracciatella will be a staple in my future orders!

Moving on to the artisan pizza, the Bolognese pizza caught my eye immediately so we tried that and the meatball pizza with pepperoni, which was perfectly crisp. Both were excellent choices!

If you still have room after all of this you can order freshly baked cookies from the cookie shop next door.

For more information about Tin Plate pizza, click here.

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