My Favorite Bike Rides in Town

Even though we’re lucky enough in Denver to be able to ride our bikes most of the year, summer with its longer days always gets me out on the road more frequently.

Therefore, I wanted to share with you my three favorite Denver bike rides, and some fun things to check out along the way! You should be able to modify the starting point or connect to these easily from most locations in the city.

Three Pretty Parks

Like so many others, I prefer to minimize my ride time on busy streets so riding between parks is perfect. This one also happens to limit it’s road riding to some of Denver’s most beautiful neighborhoods – Country Club and Cheesman Park/Cap Hill. It’s also my go to when I’m limited on time as it’s easily completed in an hour or so.

This route connects Wash Park, Cheesman Park, and City Park. You can start at any of them and because it’s set up as a loop, you’ll get to completely explore each park entirely. Not accounting for getting to the park, this loop is about 9 miles long, and you can see exactly how it lays out on the map below.

On this ride I usually take a moment and stop in each park to enjoy their beauty, but should you need a pit stop, or a place to go after, here are a few suggestions close by:

Cherry Creek Mall to Cherry Creek State Park

This is one I like to do when I have time for a longer ride and am specifically looking for a workout. It’s easy to control the length of this one depending on where you connect to the Cherry Creek Trail. It’s also possible to connect from the Highline Canal to the Cherry Creek Trail, which then takes you to Cherry Creek State Park. Based on how far you want to ride take on or two loops around the park which has a large lake and beautiful landscaping. This is another one that keeps you mostly off the roads. Here are a few fun places to stop at along this route:


South Platte River Trail and Cherry Creek Trail Loop

The South Platte River – Cherry Creek trail loop can be accessed from various points and connected at different places but this one focuses on it connecting around Wash Park, making it just under 10 miles roundtrip. This one is the most urban out of the three routes, but still stays mostly on trails and out of traffic!



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