The Most Unique Adoptable Dogs in Denver

Here are some of The Most Unique Looking Adoptable Dogs Available in Denver:


Curious George

Curious George

What: Bloodhound

Why: Those wrinkles, those ears, that lovable goofy grin! How could you resist this adorable boy? If you’re looking for a dog who needs to learn how kind humans can be, and is ok with shorter walks to get started, George is the boy for you. Read all about him in his amazing bio on My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue’s website.

Where: My Fairy Dog Mother Rescue



Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

What: English Bulldog Mix

Why: If the name isn’t enough, the Denver Animal Shelter says that Scuba Steve “loves to be fawned over and pet. He also enjoys playing with squeaky toys, and does like other dogs, but …isn’t always the greatest at reading their signals. This energetic young pup will keep you laughing and snuggle when the day is through.”. With brown markings over both ears and across his eyes, Steve is a striking pooch ready to make friends with all of your neighbors. While English Bulldogs are known for being more on the lazy side, bank on this guy needing a little more exercise than is typical for the breed.

Where: Denver Animal Shelter





What: Boxer

Why: It’s all about those ears with Bonnie, but the eyeliner doesn’t hurt either. Her beautiful red and white coloring is striking, and her young age means she’ll get to grow up with you, hiking, sleeping in, and charming your friends and family.

Where: All Paws Matter Rescue





What: Husky Mix

Why: The eyes have it! All white except for her nose and mismatched eyes, this young lady is on the smaller side for a husky at only 40 pounds at 1 year old. Huskies are known for being hilariously chatty and while very lovable, they are incredible escape artists, so make sure to fortify that fence!

Where: Foothills Animal Shelter





What: Catahoula/Shepherd Mix

Why: Just in case you’ve ever wondered what this breed cross would look like, here he is! This cutie was unfortunately hit by a car and lost his right hind leg, but you can tell by his smile that it hasn’t slowed him down. Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue describes him as playful and smart in addition to being eager and ready to learn, so consider finding him a job or trying out some agility training.

Where: Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue


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