Homebot – A Necessary Tool for Homeowners

For most of us homeowners, our home represents our biggest asset – in fact, by the time the average American reaches the age of 65, 83% of their personal wealth will come from their home equity. So why aren’t we consistently tracking our home’s value like we do with other assets such as stocks and bonds?

It hasn’t always been easy but I’ve invested in a very powerful tool called Homebot, which sends you a monthly valuation of your home’s worth, what you could rent it out for (including on AirBnb), and if you could save money by refinancing or paying down more of your loan every month.
Click on the link below to use Homebot absolutely free!! (while it’s free for homeowners you can only get the tool through a realtor or lender)

Your Homebot Link

I’ve personally been using this for the past few months and LOVE it!


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